Immersed in the heart of the eastern hills of Friuli, the Acetaia has quite a history of its own, of when it was used as a granary store by local farmers. 

In 1950s it was restored, preserving the ancient charm of its large gabled roof, fitting in well with our company’s philosophy of a union between experimentation and tradition.

Today Midolini Acetaia is the largest in the world (Guinness World of Record). 

A place where the dream of creating a balsamic dressing from the precious wine must has become reality and where feelings, dreams and innovative projects are shared. This is the place where our Balsamic takes its shape, colour and, above all, its flavour. 

Daily, between rows of barrels arranged in descending capacity from 75 to 10 liters, the expert of Balsamico walks with a diligent and measured step, carefully controlling everything and making sure that nothing interferes with the right ageing process.


The Midolini company produces exclusively Balsamic condiments obtained from the finest raw materials. The products are obtained with an artisanal method. 

After the harvest of the company’s selected grapes, the grapes are destemmed and pressed to obtain the fresh must. The must is then cooked at high temperatures for up to 60 consecutive hours. 

Part of the must is poured into wooden vats and then begins aging and refinement in batteries of 7 different precious woods. The remaining must is used to bottle the products of the Gourmet line.


Thanks to the research from the University of Udine and Trieste, we discovered the nutraceutical properties of the Balsamico Midolini. 

Rich in antioxidants, the Midolini Balsamic is rich in polyphenols. Natural occurring organic compounds, polyphenols are known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective properties, the polyphenols help fight the harmful action of free radicals, thus slowing down cellular ageing. 


The low acidity of Midolini’s balsamic dressings (< 5%) makes the taste extremely pleasing to the palate. The taste is enveloping, soft and appreciated also by a very young audience.

Rich in mineral salts, our products favours the digestive processes. The balsamic is a remineralizing product that brings important mineral salts to the body.

All the Super Premium Line products are particularly suited at the end of the meals as a digestive.