The Midolini family has been committed to the production of balsamic condiments of excellence for over 50 years, with passion and dedication. The founder Lino Midolini, starting from a first battery of 25 barrels of selected fine woods, began to cook and age the autochthonous grape musts – a Friulian tradition dating back to the colonies of the ancient Romans of Aquileia.


Lino’s vision, based on values ​​such as quality, tradition and love for his land, has today led the company to be recognized in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in the world.


Gloria, Lino’s daughter, has taken up the baton by combining the craftsmanship of the past with a modern vision, interpreting the needs of the markets, collaborating with the Universities of Udine and Trieste and working with celebrated chefs for the continuous search of innovative tastes and products. Angelica, a third generation Midolini, is in charge of the company’s marketing and branding strategy.


The Midolini company was born with the purchase of the first hectares of vineyards in the Colli Orientali del Friuli


Lino discovers the beneficial effects of balsamic vinegar from historical researches on the ancient Romans of Aquileia.


Friends and producers of grappa and beers give Lino the first barrels to experiment with the first production of balsamic vinegar in Friuli.


In autumn, the company begins the first cooking of autochthonous grape musts.


The most famous european copper master, Renzi, supplies the first batteries made of precious fine woods to the Midolini company.


Lino discovers the value of the local woods for the ageing and refinement of balsamic vinegar.


Lino completes the acquisition of the vineyards in the Colli Orientali of Friuli, making the Midolini company the most important single estate of the region.


Gloria, from the 2nd generation, joins Lino in the family business.


The Acetaia Midolini enters the Guinness Book of Records as the largest balsamic vinegar cellar in the world.


Gloria has the intuition to revolutionize the production of balsamic vinegar, introducing different product lines and taking care of the company’s branding.


The Midolini company is now owned by Lino’s two daughters, Gloria and Raffaella.


Gloria studies the combination of balsamic and chocolate and thus begins the collaboration with Majani for the production of a praline with Midolini’s balsamic.


Beginning of the collaboration with the University of Udine.


Gloria, passionate about cooking, publishes her first recipe book to explain how to use Balsamic as an ingredient.


Gloria’s book wins the Gourmand World Cookbook Award.


Angelica, from the 3rd generation, joins the company and introduces a focus on innovation and starts the global expansion of the company.


Introduction of a new product line of compotes and sauces made with Midolini’s balsamic dressings.


Beginning of the collaboration with the University of Trieste.


Attainment of the FSSC 22000 certification.


“I have the crazy desire to do what other people don’t do”

Broadminded entrepreneur and forward looking, a lover of challenges in love with his land. He is the protagonist of our story, and one of the ambassadors of the Friulian winemaking tradition. His greatest desire was to pass on his vision of life and enthusiasm for the job to his family: daughters, Gloria and Raffaella, and grandchildren, Angelica and Ludovico.


“From the art of the past to a vision of the future”

Lover of art and all that is beautiful, with two children, Angelica and Ludovico, and a busy life between bases in Friuli and Bologna. Constantly on the go and always looking for new ideas, she has the exciting and challenging task of inventing a new future for the Acetaia. She has written a book of recipes, all strictly based on Asperum dressing, raising awareness of the versatility of this product and transforming it into an essential culinary ingredient.