At the Città Fiera of Udine with Grappa Nonino and Comaro honeys

In December we started a collaboration with Grappa Nonino and Comaro’s honey.

A collaboration of Friulian delicatessen that will be preented at the Città Fiera of Udine until the 17th of January. The temporary store will be at the main entrance of the Città Fiera.

Three companies that share the same vision and that stand out for their passion in what they do, the love for the Friulian territory and the dedication to craftsmanship. 

Kevin Gaddhi, from the Team Midolini, will be there to welcome you and help you in choosing the perfect Christmas gift for you and your loved ones.

What better occasion to discover your favorite products? Whether you want a special gift to pamper yourself during the Christmas period or you want to surprise some family members or friends with a unique and unusual gift, our temporary store is the perfect place for you.

Come and discover our Gift Boxes for original gift ideas

Do you have a last minute dinner and don’t know what to bring to the host? Can’t find an unusual and special gift ? If you need original Christmas gift ideas, here you can find some tips.

Have you ever tried our Panettone accompanied by Midolini balsamic jams? The enveloping and sweet and sour taste of the Balsamic in our jams perfectly goes with the fragrant softness of the Panettone. Used as a filling, this jam is ideal with Panettone and together with a scoop of ice cream it creates a very special dessert.

“The scent of the party, of friends who meet, of the family that gets together. The taste of Christmas, of a shared time, of a gift to be unwrapped, of the first snowflake. It’s not a Panettone, it’s an emotion “. This is what you can expect from our Panettoni.

Our artisanal Panettone

Not knowing the dinner menu of the dinner we are invited to, there is only one remedy: Ribolla Midolini! You can’t go wrong with our Ribolla. There is no better way to celebrate with something special that is not the usual Prosecco. The Ribolla, in fact, is a native wine of Friuli and differs from Prosecco for its fresher and more aromatic notes.

Any occasion is perfect to celebrate with our Ribolla Midolini

Come and see us at the temporary store, at the main entrance of the Città Fiera of Udine. We are open every day until January 17th from 9.30 am to 20.30 pm. We are waiting for you!

We are waiting for you at the Città Fiera of Udine

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