Identità Golose International Fair – Milan 2021

Great excitement for this Autumn 2021! We started the season by participating at two international trade shows, Identità Golose in Milan and Bellavita Expo in London.

Among the main events in Milan we have Salone del Mobile, the Milan Fashion Week and many others, but if you want an excuse to visit Milan for something special, you should check out Identità Golose: an international food and drinks event, born from the idea of organizing a reunion for the best Chefs worldwide.

It has been a pleasure to take part in this year’s edition. This food and drink tradeshow, created by Paolo Marchi e Claudio Ceroni, was a breath of fresh air that reminded us about the power of seeing people face to face rather than through a screen. Angelica Matildi Midolini, from the third generation of the family’s company, was interviewed by one of the main TV channels in Italy, TGCOM24. Check the interview here to earn more about our company!
TGCOM24 – Intervista ad Angelica Midolini Matildi

Identità Golose has been a great opportunity to present the Balsamico Midolini to the Chefs that participated to this event in Milan. Among the Chefs we had: Massimo Bottura, Carlo Cracco, Fabrizio Nonis, Riccardo Camanini, Moreno Cedroni, Giuliano Lorenzon, Antonia Klugmann and many more.

With Giuliano Lorenzon, from the Jolanda de Colò Team

Our products are gluten free and perfect for a vegan and vegetarian diet, all aspects that created a lot of buzz among the Chefs that started brainstorming about the most innovative ways of using our Balsamic Condiments. Lavazza, Riso Scotti, Birra del Borgo, Pasta Felicetti … It was truly amazing to share opinions among firms that put quality before anything else, as we do at Midolini.

Follow us on social media (LinkedInInstagramFacebook) and come visit us in person, we are only one hour away from Venice and we organize tastings and tours to discover the astonishing land of Friuli and the secrets of our Balsamic.

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